Welcome to the Improving Leadership Blog, a community dedicated to providing leaders with a safe place to discuss and improve their leadership skills as we learn to lead our organizations and teams towards a brighter future.

My name is Justin Self and I am an avid student of improvement, leadership, and life.

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I must start with a confession: I am an information hoarder. I have always been a curious individual that is interested in learning about a wide variety of topics.
It has something to do with my unending desire to create my own universal theory of everything. I am always trying to connect dots and understand how seemingly unrelated topics are intertwined.

My professional career as an engineer, process improvement specialist, and leadership mentor has led to me spending much of this energy observing how organizations approach improvement.  I have found myself repeatedly noticing the impact that leadership behaviors and decisions have on the outcomes of improvement efforts.  These experiences have crossed a number of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech research and development, and healthcare.  The universal nature of these observations has led me to develop a number of principles and ideas that any leader can use to promote improvement within their organization.

I decided that at some point the ideas and lessons that I have gathered need to get out to other leaders. I’m guessing that I am not alone in this situation. I started this blog as an outlet to share my ideas with others so that they can benefit and also as a way to refine my ideas through conversations with other leaders.  My hope is that as a community we can learn together how to lead organizations to improved cultures of excellence.