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What Kind of Facilitator Are You?


Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting, wondering when you can get back to doing real work? Maybe you’re one of the 73% of meeting attendees that brings other work with you. Or are you part of the 39% that is asleep?

While meetings are a necessary part of collaborating with others, they don’t have to be ineffective. A successful facilitator can help direct the conversation to ensure that the end result is valuable.

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How to Help Your Team Rebound From Failure

photo-1450121982620-84a745035fa8_optApparently, someone forgot to tell my Houston Texans that they had a game last week. I couldn’t help wondering what went wrong after they were embarrassed 27-0 at the hands of the New England Patriots.

Maybe a better question is what went right? The game was full of dropped balls, missed tackles, stumbling players, and ineffective play calling. Nothing they tried seemed to work.

Before their next game, it will be the job of the coaching staff to evaluate the team’s performance and figure out what needs to be adjusted. This is our job as leaders, too.

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How to Motivate Your Team With Goals That Inspire

summit-compressor_optAs the end of summer approaches, my attention has naturally turned to the beginning of a new school year. There are supplies to be purchased, new teachers to meet, and schedules to coordinate. My thoughts, however, have been focused less on the tangible activities related to a new school year and more on the growth of my children.

This growth becomes particularly evident in light of the milestones they are reaching. The first day of kindergarten, new classes and subjects, rapidly increasing grade numbers. The progress is much easier to see when there are clear markers that can be observed, as opposed to the progress during the school year that often goes unnoticed.

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