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Are You a Reckless Leader? Four Damaging Behaviors to Avoid


On my way into work today, I observed what has become a routine occurrence during my daily commute: reckless driving. One driver in particular caught my attention. I don’t know what he was late for, but he was obviously in a hurry. In an attempt to get ahead of traffic, he kept swerving from lane to lane, accelerating any time there was even the slightest opening. The most entertaining part of the whole affair was that after 10 minutes of working really hard to get ahead of traffic, this driver found himself behind me, even though he started in front and I didn’t change lanes once.

I see this kind of behavior all the time. Aggressive lane changes, tailgaiting, gunning it from one stoplight to the next. While it may feel to those drivers that they are getting to their destination faster, they are actually contributing to the traffic problems and creating an unsafe environment for everyone.

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