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Want to Sell Your Idea? Stop Trying to Convince People


One of the most frustrating things I have experienced as a parent is the inability to get my kids to cooperate. There are many times when I need them to do something that they have no interest in doing, and it needs to be done now. In these situations, I have a choice to make in how I approach the situation. Do I give direct orders? Try to convince them that they should cooperate? Guilt them into it?

I’m always trying to evaluate the situation and choose the approach that is most likely to get quick compliance with my demands. Unfortunately, the initial reaction is almost always “No”.

Clean your room.
Put your shoes on and get in the car.
Do you want a hundred dollars?

They don’t even listen before saying no. It’s a reaction, not a rational decision. No amount of logic or reasoning will change their mind because they aren’t even thinking. Continue reading